3DMark Full Version

3DMark is a PC benchmark suite by Futuremark Corporation designed to determine the DirectX performance of graphics cards

3DMark Full Version3DMark is a PC benchmark suite by Futuremark Corporation designed to determine the DirectX performance of graphics cards. The full range of 3DMark product ranges is 3DMark11, 3Dmark06, 3DMark05, 3DMark03, and 3DMark Vantage. Every new edition of 3DMark uses the latest in 3D technology to deliver objective and forward-looking measurements for real-world performance.


The 3DMark score is the overall measure of a system’s 3D gaming performance, based on comprehensive individual real-time 3D graphics tests and processor tests. Each 3DMark product produces a 3DMark score as its outcome, and the 3DMark scores are comparable within the same product.

3DMark is widely used by the PC industry and press and media as well as individual users and gamers, giving wide reference material for comparing performance levels between systems or specific components.

Before going ahead and running that long-awaited game, you might want to get an idea of how well it can run on your system. 3DMark06 is a benchmarking application designed to test DirectX9 video cards. It was designed to assess your computer’s 3D graphing rendering performance for game enthusiasts.

Suitable for older Windows versions

We’re talking about a benchmarking tool that thoroughly analyzes your computer’s performance by stressing it with a series of tests that are solely based on how well it handles video games. It can be deployed and run on devices such as desktops, notebooks, laptops, and tablets running Windows XP.

Strictly dedicated to DirectX 9.0c

The machine you plan on testing must be equipped with a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card for the tests to be launched and carried out successfully. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to understand.

Tests performance in an interactive environment

Here’s how it works: 3DMark06 launches a game (with impressive, but demanding graphics) that will test your video card. During this game, you can view elapsed time and frames, as well as FPS (frames per second). The better your graphic card is, the higher the FPS will be.

Compare results with a large community

Press “Esc” at any time to abort the benchmark. There is also an option to view the test results online. Here, 3DMark06 provides you with a list of your computer’s shortcomings, while comparing it with other systems.

After extensive tests, 3DMark06 also grades your video card with a score – a higher rating indicates better performance, while a lower one is indicative that your system may need upgrading.

To end with

The conclusion is that 3DMark06 is an excellent tool for game players, but also game creators (for testing purposes). Regardless of the reason you are using it, it is an awesome benchmarking application that can tell you what your video card is capable of. Even though it may seem obsolete, it still provides support for older computers.