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DataCamp (Learn Python, SQL , R coding) is a modern software development education platform that strives to provide users of all knowledge…

Data Camp DataCamp (also known as “DataCamp: Learn Python, SQL & R coding”) is a modern software development education platform that strives to provide users of all knowledge levels with the highest-quality lessons for building science skills. Built from the ground up to dynamically react to the proficiency scores of its users.


Download DataCamp is today regarded as one of the most versatile and successful tools for learning coding Python, R, SQL, and many other coding platforms, and can be an integral stepping stone for building a successful career as a programmer, statistician, data analyst, data scientists, machine learning scientist, data engineer, and many other career tracks.

DataCamp for Windows PC aims to provide coding education not only to individuals but also businesses who strive to upskill their large coding teams so that they could more easily develop new platforms, services, and products used by millions of users from all over the world. Some of the best-known companies that have integrated DataCamp into their training schedules are Google, Intel, PayPal, and eBay.

Download DataCamp which is Available both on the PC and mobile platforms, this educational platform can easily educate complete novices and make them masters of modern software development that is ready for any kind of real-world coding challenges. This is done by first accessing the user’s skill, providing a wide array of courses (that can even be Livestream sessions with some of the best instructors in the field of Python, R, SQL, Git, Excel, Shell, and many other useful coding platforms), provide ample space to practice both in the exam and gamified environment, and then integrate those learnings to solve the real-world problems.

Some of the best features of this platform as interactive exercises and short videos that can easily test the current knowledge of both novices and seasoned coders who strive to become even better in their field. Users don’t need to install any standalone app since DataCamp is distributed as a web application that can run directly from any modern browser.


Free Plan – $0/month

  • The first chapter of all courses
  • Data Literacy courses (3)
  • Projects (7)
  • Practice challenges (3 sets)
  • Workspace (BETA)
  • Skill assessments

Standard Plan – $12.42/month

Courses (350+)

Acquire new skills by taking courses that combine short expert videos and hands-on coding exercises.

Career tracks (14)

Career tracks guide you through a series of curated courses to build your career in data science and analytics.

Skill tracks (50+)

Skill tracks guide you through a series of curated courses to acquire a certain skill.

Practice challenges (unlimited)

Practice your newly acquired skills with fun, bite-sized coding challenges.

Certification (BETA)

Prove your skills with a certification from the leader in data science education.

Live code-along

All mobile app courses and practice

While DataCamp is a premium education platform, it provides everyone access to the FREE access tier that will calculate the user’s current skill level with one test assignment.

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