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AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is a video editing application by Online Media Technologies Ltd. The interface has a smooth appeal, showing all the functions available.

AVS Video Editor  

AVS Video Editor is a video editing application by Online Media Technologies Ltd. The interface has a smooth appeal, showing all the functions available.

Transform your projects into animated works with special effects and filters. The app has an extensive transition capacity that allows for highly active and engaging media. AVS also has a built-in recorder so you won’t need another app. It also allows you to burn videos to a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Quality production

AVS video editor is currently free to try. The latest update is downloadable for paid users; free users will be stuck with an earlier version, so there’s an incentive to purchase a license. The difference between these patches is not much, but having the premium is always better. Some known bugs can get fixed much quicker if you get the latest updates. You’ll also get technical support with the licensed version, so that’s another reason to spring for it.

AVS lets you import videos in standard file extensions, including mp3, mp4, and avi. You can also import a project from another software. When you finish, it will be saved under the AVS file. There’s no need to convert each file as the app has auto conversion for most media types. This saves time, especially if you’re a content creator facing tighter deadlines. It’s also a great way to ease switching from one editing software to another.

The high usability of AVS puts it on par with the best apps in the market. You will find all the essential features of Adobe Premiere Pro and more than what Filmora has in AVS.

One thing to keep in mind is that this program isn’t designed for beginners. The bright interface and large icons make it easy to navigate, but the functions are on an intermediate level. You’ll need to dedicate time to learning the software to succeed.

Features of AVS Video Editor

AVS has an integrated cache, making it faster to edit large, high-definition files. This is especially useful for content creators who are short on time but looking for an edge to get their videos in front of more people. There are many transition effects to spice up your project, but they won’t be a good fit for everyone.

AVS isn’t just for video. You can create slideshows from images like you would through the old Microsoft Photo Story. You can add audio tracks and time them with your pictures for the best impact.

You can publish videos straight to your social media accounts. Alternatively, you can save to various formats, like H.264, MPEG-4, AVCHD, and FLV. You can also save to formats like .3gp and .mp4 for mobile devices.

The system requirements are pretty light for video editing software. All required is a decent video card, a duo-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. This is a low footprint for an application like this.

Effects and Filters

Instead of standard filters that alter your video’s texture, AVS only offers direct color applications. You can add these to your project by using the background tool. It will give the selected frame a colored background. So you can see there’s no subtlety here. The device is useful when making an animated clip or emphasizing an event in your pin.

There is a vast selection of transitional effects. This amount is strange compared to the meager collection of other unique products. In this regard, AVS seems to specialize in compilations and collage. It might as well be, as there are a ton of unique page-turners you won’t see anywhere else. You can click on each one to see how it would look on your video in the preview window.

Other modifications include Draw, Transform, and Stickers. There aren’t many choices in these areas, and most are pretty standard. You can apply multiple effects to a video and many duplicates of the same one.

Camera and recorder

AVS has a built-in recorder to create new projects, as any competitive editing software should. The writer is an app extension that will open a new window when activated. AVS uses your PC camera, so the definition relies on your graphics card. Despite that, the recorder has a terrible frame rate. You’ll feel as if your bandwidth has been cut in half. Having a low performance for your camera can be detrimental to specific projects.

AVS also lets you record your screen. The fact that it comes with this feature is a plus compared to OBS Studio or Bandicam, which offer limited or no editing. However, the part itself is a little disappointing. The frame rate is even worse than the regular recorder. Remember the critical shortcut, as there are no toolbars or a dashboard to control your session. When you press stop, the clip will play at 1.5x speed for no reason, and there’s no way to revert this. If you’re trying to record a gaming session or tutorial, using another app is best.

Powerful creative tool

AVS offers a lot of options for your creative endeavors. The app does it all, whether you’re making a simple animation or an engaging compilation. One thing it doesn’t do is create something from scratch. This aspect is still lacking in comparison with OBS Studio or Adobe Pro. However, users can rely on AVS modifying features. There’s a lot of depth in AVS editing abilities that may seem elusive to most novices.

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