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Microsoft Edge Chromium Stable

Microsoft Edge is a free Windows 10 and 11 internet browser designed to be faster and safer than its predecessors.

Microsoft Edge Chromium  

Microsoft Edge is a free Windows 10 and 11 internet browser designed to be faster and safer than its predecessors.

It features built-in learning tools like the digital ruler, e-book reader, note-taker, Cortana integration, new tab organization, reading view, tab preview feature, PDF viewing, and advanced security features.

Microsoft-based Edge on Google’s Chromium framework, the same software that powers most of the world’s browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, and Vivaldi. Microsoft Edge is a sleek, fast, and fluid browser—whether browsing the web or reading PDFs.

Is Microsoft Edge a good choice?

The browser mixes Internet Explorer 11’s design and Google Chrome’s speed and features. The user interface takes elements from Internet Explorer but is much more minimalist to improve usability. Edge sports a dark theme instead of IE11, which was infamous for its white UI that you could not change. Furthermore, Edge is Chromium-based, meaning you can sink it with other browsers.

Built-in learning tools

Edge has some interesting built-in productivity features that allow users to readannotate, and even take notes while browsing the internet. Microsoft has taken a page out of Apple’s book and introduced learning tools like the digital ruler, e-book reader, and note-taker to make it easy for users to be productive without opening additional apps or websites.

Cortana integration

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Voice Search. With Microsoft Edge, users can highlight text and right-click to bring up Cortana. Cortana also has a keyboard shortcut allowing users to search for websites or conduct their research efficiently.

New tab organization

Microsoft has revamped the tab layout in Edge with a new interface that makes it easy for users to find information faster. There are three different layouts; one features the website’s logo on the left side, while another layout places recently visited websites at the top of the page. The third layout displays recent websites in a tile layout on the bottom.

Tab preview feature

Similar to other browsers, Edge users can click on a tab and view it in a preview without opening the page. This lets users quickly skip through accounts and consider where they left off.

Reading view

Microsoft Edge has included a reading mode in its latest browser that reformats articles to improve legibility and save data. When turned on, this mode will remove ads and unnecessary formatting, allowing users to focus on the content instead of distractions. This feature borrows from the simplicity of Pocket, where users can easily save articles to read later.

PDF viewing

With PDF viewing available in Microsoft Edge, users can view or print PDFs without downloading or opening them in an Adobe reader. Some helpful features are available, including adding notes, highlighting text, and even getting definitions for difficult words.

Advanced security features

Microsoft has clarified that they are prioritizing user privacy with their new browser, adding a built-in password manager to help users manage username and password information. In addition, Microsoft Edge will allow users to set up a fingerprint or PIN and prevent data loss by blocking downloads from unknown sources.

Compatible with Chrome Web Store extensions

Microsoft Edge is built on top of Chromium so that supports Chrome extensions. This means you can access the entire Chrome web store and install extensions like Adblocker or Evernote to make Edge perform even better.

Spotlight feature

Microsoft has added Spotlight to Microsoft Edge so users can easily find their most frequently visited websites. This is done by clicking the icon next to the “home” button and selecting one of your six favorite sites. Spotlight also displays trending news topics based on politics, sports, entertainment, weather, finance, and technology categories.

Edge also comes with some helpful keyboard shortcuts so you can quickly access essential features :

  • Ctrl+L: access the address bar
  • Ctrl+T: open a new tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+P: bring up the print dialogue box
  • Ctrl+Shift+B: show or hide browser bar
  • F12: open developer tools

Alternative browsers

With a new look and feel, Microsoft Edge has some exciting features that set it apart from other browsers. However, if you’re looking for an alternative browser, there are plenty of choices, including Opera, Firefox, and the ever-popular Google Chrome.

Edge is an excellent choice.

Microsoft’s new browser is the most promising of all its competitors. It combines speed with functionality seamlessly while improving upon Chrome’s extension support. The new tab organization looks cleaner than any other browser, and the minimalistic user interface also looks great.

Microsoft has given users many reasons to make Edge their default browser with built-in authentication features, productivity tools, and Cortana integration.

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