MathType 6 Portable

MathType 6 is a revolution in typesetting. The new Mathtype, with a clean and easy-to-use interface, will make the typesetting process easier for everyone.

 MathType v6.6 Portable  

MathType 6 is a revolution in typesetting. The new Mathtype, with a clean and easy-to-use interface, will make the typesetting process easier for everyone.

The type-based layout of the text is one of the hardest tasks of graphic design. The latest version of MathType was designed for people who don’t have much time or knowledge about typesetting and want to finish their job quickly.

The software is a collection of Mathematica functions for typesetting mathematics, with tools that can convert Mathematica Worksheets and the MathType 5 files into other formats. The final version includes support for LaTeX file format, but users can still switch between all three options to copy-paste from one type to another as needed.

This version also features integrated color overlays on multiple objects in Windows applications such as WordPad, Notepad, and Macintoshes that can be used with the Edit menu.

Overview of MathType 6

MathType 6 is a document and illustration typesetter. It features letters, tables, mathematical symbols (including operators), equations, and inequalities modeled upon the AMS style; equations for matters conforming to the MathML specification; text flow control; Texinfo documents; automatic paragraph indentation used with spaced copies such as Excel worksheets or PowerPoint presentations (.ppt).

You can also draw/edit borders as Word does for cells in tables; error detection/control, color control (color mode only on Windows), spelling checking; special characters, block operations; embedding of MathML into documents (for example in Word or Excel); merging and splitting text.

Consider MathType if you want to take your work with mathematics up a notch. The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Top Features of MathType 6

Some of the amazing features of Mathtype 6 are;

  • MathType 6 can also be used for LaTeX documents.
  • Advanced equation typesetting with support for AMS-style equations, MathML equations, symbols, operators, and other mathematical objects.
  • Improved equation typesetting for Microsoft Word, Office Excel (with macros), and other applications using the new MathType API.
  • The ability to embed MathType equations in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Improved typesetting for PowerPoint presentations by utilizing the new MathType API.
  • One of the features that was lacking from earlier versions is a feature called “Ripple Editing,” which allows you visually to change only one part of a spreadsheet while leaving others stationary and intact on your screen at all times; handy when editing your work or studying some great mathematical ideas.
  • The ‘Ripple Editing’ feature allows the user to notice and edit an item of their document that they felt was needlessly hidden or nested inside other items; however, it may also be used as a means to treat the features such as indentation mechanically put into your layout.
  • Historically, this application was also used to embed mathematics in word-processing documents such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • It is free of royalties but may be distributed widely in its source code in both ‘Binary’ and ‘Assembler’.
  • Since version 5, MathType has supported the full Unicode character set, including mathematical symbols.

The Design Science

The design science’s system architecture enables flexibility, fast processing speed, and high-quality mathematical notation in an easy-to-use interface. This utility is simple but very effective when editing equations, translating, changing variables within formulas created by hand, or using another software.

Equation editor

MathType is an equation editor software that simplifies equation processing tasks by maximizing efficiency and saving time. It allows you to insert mathematic equations in a document, presentation, web pages, and desktop publishing of an application, saving lots of your precious time from tedious operations.

MathType can be an alternative solution when using Word or any other office suite that can’t perform mathematical equations. You may also find it impressively faster than the old equation editor.


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