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YouTube Song Downloader

Free YouTube Download is a renowned, practical, and easy-to-use YouTube downloader for Windows PCs.

YouTube Song Downloader  

Free YouTube Download is a renowned, practical, and easy-to-use YouTube song downloader for Windows PCs. This program lets you conveniently download your favorite videos from the popular social media platform YouTube.

You can also convert and store videos on your computer’s hard drive, allowing easy offline access at your convenience. It’s worth mentioning that Free YouTube Song Downloader is also available for Android and Mac.

The hassle-free video downloader does precisely what you expect. It’s one of the most preferred programs for video downloads. If you watch many YouTube videos or work as a content creator, you’ll love the ease of use offered by this app. This one has more features and offers a more straightforward interface than Free MP3 Recorder for YouTube, Free YT to MP3 Converter, and Free Video Downloader for YouTube.

A hassle-free solution to your video download needs

These days, people worldwide are watching their favorite video content on YouTube. While there are several other apps for browsing, managing, and streaming multimedia content, YouTube has been the leading choice. However, there are times when a slow internet speed might cause problems while streaming videos. For this reason, viewers prefer to save their favorite videos for offline enjoyment.

YouTube Song Downloader

Free YouTube Download is a third-party application that lets you conveniently download YouTube videos on Windows PCs. Thus, it helps you retrieve and watch video content whenever you want, simply without an internet connection. It’s important to note you will need an internet connection to download videos with this app. Once downloaded, they can be played on any multimedia player on the computer.

Is the setup easy?

The installation process is simple and quick. You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge to install the video downloader on your PC. The program doesn’t require you to perform complex configuration steps. You only need to specify the destination folder and follow a few basic on-screen instructions. The installation package automatically creates a desktop shortcut.

With Free YouTube Download, you can easily retrieve video content from the largest video-sharing platform in the world. The process is quick and efficient and doesn’t cause major hassles. You must copy the preferred video URL to the main window, click ‘Download,’ and adjust a few parameters. Before you know it, the tool will download YouTube videos on your PC.

What about the design?

Compared to other free programs in this category, this lets you download YouTube videos hassle-free. The tool has a minimal and smooth layout focusing on interactive controls. This allows you to access every feature in the program with minimum difficulty. All the functionalities have been categorized correctly in the main interface. Most parts are available as buttons, while some are combo menus.

File formats

Free YouTube Download supports quick video downloads. With this program, you can download a range of videos at the same time. The software also retains the original quality. Since the program supports multiple file formats, you can also download videos in MKV, MP3, 3GP, AVI, MP4, WEBM, and other forms. Even downloaded files can be converted to different file formats within seconds, and the app works with various proxy servers.

The perfect choice for Windows PCs

Overall, Free YouTube Download is a simple app for downloading YouTube videos. The program has a clean interface, offers a range of features, and allows you to export files to multiple formats. The only drawback is that the YouTube downloader experiences occasional bugs and crashes. It’s worth noting that there’s no dedicated button to pause downloads, and you can only cancel them once initiated.

Key Features

  • Comfortable search engine: input the song or the artist to locate them on YouTube.
  • Possibility to download only the song or the video.
  • ‘Album search’ function that will help you to download a full album of your favorite artist.
  • Maximum quality. YouTube Song Downloader downloads the content from YouTube in the maximum quality available.
  • Detailed information about the download status.
  • Support for the OGG and MP3 output audio formats and the FLV, AVI, and MP4 video formats.

Download YouTube Song Downloader free and get ahold of your favorite music from YouTube. Without a doubt, YouTube Song Downloader is one of the best applications to download videos and music from your favorite artists from the YouTube portal.


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